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Martha Berry, Ridgecrest, Sherwood Forest – Knoxville TN

   May 28

Fountain City Lake Cleanup Progress Report

From the Wednesday, May 27, 2015, News Sentinel Editorial (Page 2B):

“Ongoing repairs to lake aim for permanent fix”

Salient points:

  • This year’s city budget includes $250,000 to correct the lake’s problems.
  • City engineers are working on a solution for the lake’s woes — primarily the constant buildup of algae.
  • Step 1:  find a leak and repair it.
  • Step 2: drain the lake to remove the algae.
  • Step 3:  determine what is feeding the algae

“For now, the city’s effort is a work in progress, but it is one the city hopes will be long-lasting.”

If the source of the algae problem is the spring feeding the lake, then keeping the lake pristine may be problematic and the goal should be to keep the algae under control as much as possible.

“The lake is a landmark for Knoxville and Fountain City, and its cleanup needs to be as permanent as possible. Inasmuch as it remains an eyesore, it hurts the community and the city.”



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