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Martha Berry, Ridgecrest, Sherwood Forest – Knoxville TN

   Jan 16

Words of Caution from Knoxville Police

Some words of caution from the Knoxville Police Department:

Now that the holiday has closed out, it is important to be alert during this time of year, because criminals do not slow down. 

Keep an eye out for houses that are unoccupied, being renovated or being built.  THEFTS OF METAL AND APPLIANCES ARE ON AN UPSWING RIGHT NOW.

Keep this scenario in mind:  You have a knock at the door and you answer it.   The person at the door asks if someone is home and that “someone” doesn’t even live there. Don’t blow it off.  CHANCES ARE IT WAS A BURGLAR TRYING TO CONFIRM IF SOMEONE IS AT HOME.  CALL 911.   The person at the door may not have burglarized your home or committed a crime in this situation, but there is a strong likelihood he is out to commit burglaries.   There is also a strong chance he might already have a warrant for his arrest.   KPD has looked at some burglary trends and found that in some communities a neighbor has received such a knock on the door.

Stay alert… and watch out for your neighbors.   CALL 911 IF YOU SEE ANYTHING OR ANYONE THAT SEEMS SUSPICIOUS.   Better to be safe than sorry.


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