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Martha Berry, Ridgecrest, Sherwood Forest – Knoxville TN

   Feb 22

Safety Tips from Knoxville Police

Following are SAFETY tips from the Knoxville Police Department.

Criminal activity increases in the Spring…


IDENTITY PROTECTION.   Remember we live in a digital age and digital “tools” can be hacked, stolen or cloned.  PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY and AVOID SCAMS.  These predators frequently attack senior citizens;  so, help our seniors protect themselves.  Do not give your pesonal information over the phone unless you have called the agency or organization.  Agencies or organizations with whom you have an established account will already have your personal information.


PAVING SCAMS.  During this time of year, there are a lot of repaving projects with temperatures staying above 40 degrees.  Be WARY of anyone who approaches you, saying “We just completed a job and have a supply of asphalt left.  We can repave your driveway for X amount of $$.”  Here’s the catch:  They will ask for  half the money upfront, promising to return the next day to pave the driveway.  CHANCES ARE THEY WILL NOT SHOW UP.




MARCH 23 – The City of Knoxville is hosting a Neighborhood Conference at the Convention Center.  For more information, check the City of Knoxville website:


Welcome to the Tatewood Neighborhood Watch in Fountain City.


Sympathy to Jim Yearwood in Norwood on the death of his wife, Joan,  one of KPD’s longest serving members (20+ years ) of the KPD Neighborhood Watch program.





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