Top of the Ridge

Martha Berry, Ridgecrest, Sherwood Forest – Knoxville TN

   May 27

Prevent the Telecom Tower, cont.

Top of the Ridge Neighbors:

A representative group of neighbors on Ridgecrest, Martha Berry and Bel Caro met Tuesday evening, May 26, to discuss the unwanted erection of a 150′ cell tower on Ridgecrest – just east of Hollyhock Lane.  If this tower is approved, the aesthetics and landscape of Nature surrounding us will be marred;  trees of necessity will be cut down; wildlife will be negatively affected; and some of our neighbors will be subjected to a direct and constant view of this (or will have their views interrupted),  as well as the inherent risks, not the least of which is the devaluation of property — which, then can ultimately affect properties throughout our Top of the Ridge neighborhood.

So, even if you live out of direct site of this, we need your support and help in several ways — see below. 

Check out this link for information on how property values can be negatively affected:

The irony of this, too, is that a new tower is not needed for cell reception in our neighborhood and would be erected for the benefit of neighborhoods beyond ours. Are there not sites outside a residential area on which a tower could be erected ?



Proposed tower: 150 foot tower to be built on Ridgecrest Drive and Martha Berry, East of Hollyhock Lane

Information and assistance needed:

1. Email the MPC to oppose the tower (mention case number 5-B-15-UR)

2. Sign the Petition –

3. Attend the MPC meeting June 11 at 1:30 in the Large Assembly Room (City County Bldg) 400 Main St.

If at all possible, PLEASE plan to attend this meeting of the Metropolitan Planning Commission when this proposal will be voted on.  One person from our neighborhood will be speaking and will have 5 minutes to outline our objections.  And why should you be present?  Numbers COUNT — It is important for our neighborhood to be well represented and in solidarity.

4. Find out more –

Contact Carrera with questions: